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At MABIS our students experience a variety of rich activities that supplement the core Montessori program. Program participation varies by student level.

iARTS which stands for Integrated Arts is a program that includes both Drama and Visual Arts. Students explore self expression through skills developed in drama and the various skills and media used in visual arts and present in performances and exhibits throughout the school year.

DMT which stands for Design, Media & Technology is offered to students in our Elementary program. Students learn the use of technology for communication, productivity activities including animation and graphics design, 2D and 3D modeling and printing, computational thinking, programming language and control of electronic devices. Secondary students have a more advanced Integrated DT/ICT program which further involves the use of CAD and other sophisticated design software; understanding and creating engineering, fluid and electronics systems; coding, programming and robotics.

The MUSIC program is designed to inspire students to develop their own musical voices and ideas and to instill a love for music which will benefit all aspects of their personal growth. Music is delivered through a variety of fun educational games, songs and musical activities appropriate to each group. Students may also play in ensembles and perform to an audience throughout the school year.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: An expert team of Coaches from CUKI provide a high quality sports program to all our students. Students experience a variety of activities including fitness and agility development, and organized sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, rugby, swimming, etc.

CULINARY ARTS: An important life skill, Toddler through Secondary students all participate in preparing snacks and meals. Younger children develop practical skills and make simple menus like sliced fruits, sushi, open faced sandwiches, to name a few. Older students plan a menu, work with a budget, shop for ingredients at the supermarket and prepare meals for their community. Students are guided by their class teachers and / or professional chefs.

GARDEN: Students grow vegetables, kitchen herbs, fruits and flowers in our garden. This first hand experience allows them to appreciate the source of our food. They are excited when it comes to harvest time and are involved in collecting, cleaning and consuming or selling the produce.

EAL: To support English language acquisition for new language learners, students may participate in a specialized EAL program. They receive dedicated lessons tailored to their specific needs to further support the development of their English language abilities.