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MABIS History

Childhood is the most critical time of development in a person’s life. I wanted my child to have a nurturing experience that would enable her to live a fulfilled life. I was looking for an education experience that would help shape her into a person with a positive perspective, enable her to discover her true passions, and have the wisdom to be successful in her pursuits.

While living in Beijing, I happened to enroll my daughter in a school that followed the Montessori pedagogy. It was a wonderful learning environment for her. Young children were respected. Teachers acted as guides who assisted them to become independent, capable and confident individuals. I saw my daughter’s personality blossom. We spoke English at home and at school she learned Chinese in a few months. I came to appreciate first hand the enormous potential of the young child to learn by herself, from her surrounding and to acquire languages in this sensitive period for development.

Upon returning to Bangkok in early 2010, I realized that a comparable program was not available locally. I also wanted my daughter to continue learning Chinese and Thai. As a result, with the support of my mother Khun Tamon Jiratanan and late father Khun Virakiert Jaratanan, we established MABIS.

We started in 2010 as a nursery school. The following year the Thai Ministry of Education licensed us to operate as an International School. In 2013 we commenced the first Montessori Elementary program in Bangkok.

Serene Jiratanan
Founder & Principal





Students graduate from MABIS with confidence, grace and integrity. They seek and embrace opportunities to use their unique abilities and knowledge toward creating a better society and peaceful co-existence in the world.


As an authentic Montessori community, we nurture the joy for learning and meet the development needs of children as they fulfill their potential as students, community members and global citizens.

In a carefully designed multilingual environment, students perform purposeful work that support personal development and fosters empathy while growing their physical, intellectual and social independence.

Our Core Values


Living in harmony and balance with the environment
Nurturing passion and joy in learning
Empowering individuals through voice and choice
Developing independence, resourcefulness and resilience
Building social cohesion through empathy and collaboration