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Appreciation of ecology and the workings of the natural cycles of life and the elements are a core component of the Montessori curriculum.  MABIS, in consultation with Thai Organic Farm, is extending this learning process by offering students an organic farming experience on campus.

Students will learn about the benefits of organic farming from an ecological and health perspective.  They will appreciate the theories behind organic farming and be involved in all aspects of farming from planning what to produce, making compost to fertilize the soil, preparing the soil, growing seedlings, planting, caring, harvesting, consuming and selling their produce.

 All our students are involved in cooking.  Not only is cooking fun, children learn about nutrition and important life skills in the process.  They develop concentration and the awareness of order and sequence.

Cooking in Elementary

Students volunteered to cook for the whole class (27 students).  They offered some choices and surveyed their classmates.  After deciding the menu they created a shopping list, obtained their budget from the school office and took the school van to the supermarket.  Shopping was an adventure in itself.  They had to search for their ingredients, and learned to ask for help in Thai, where choices were available they chose the best priced. Back at school they cooked and served everyone a delicious lunch!



MABIS offers a nutritious, delicious and balanced snack and lunch menu for our students.  Our diverse menu is also a cultural and fun experience.  We use the highest quality ingredients including organic brown rice and vegetables, and meat and eggs from Betagro.  Below is a sample lunch menu that our students enjoy.