MABIS Association of Parents (MAP) was founded in November 2013 to foster the partnership within the community to advance the awareness of students in order for them to become global citizens and responsible leaders to promote a sustainable world.


MAP Committee

Chairperson:                                                   Mrs. Piyanart (Pae) Tutanathorn

Secretary/Communications Coordinator:             Mrs. Rachel Beard

Treasurer:                                                       Mrs. Chanyadee (Lek) Pulvoralak

Elementary Class Parent:                                  Mrs. Piyanart (Pae) Tutanathorn

Casa Green Class Parent:                                  Mr. AsaneeIsarowong & Mr. Thanawat(Hong) Raibroycharoen

Casa Purple Class Parent:                                 Mrs. Sara Sanchez

Toddler Blue Class Parent:                                Mr. Will Tam & Mrs. Chanja (Poy) Piriyanawin

Toddler Yellow Class Parent:                             Mr. Porameth(Tik)Phanratanamongkol & Mrs. Suphawadii (Fon) Phanratanamongkol


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MAP Activities

Making Christmas Tree Ornaments with children for Sale to raise funds for school activities and projects.

Ornament & Bake Sale!