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Elementary September 2020

Welcome to Elementary

Students are adapting well to the new class routine and are exploring a variety of works and projects with enthusiasm. We wrapped up the Great Stories this month with the Story of Humans, followed by the Story of the Alphabet and the Story of Numbers. Lower Elementary students were especially inspired by plants and animals. Grade 1 students are learning about the needs of plants through an experiment and continue to explore the Solar System. Grade 2 students are excited to learn about fish and are exploring the topic in more detail. Upper Elementary students are working on a variety of research projects and investigation ranging from Mesopotamia, ancient animals, parts of the flower, and animal cells. Students have also been working hard on developing their math and language skills including creative writing, literature reading and discussions, grammar and word studies.  

Last week we launched our cooking lessons. Each week a group of students will learn a culinary skill. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a menu and cook for the whole class.  

In ICT, students learnt how to create their own interactive quiz. Once finished, they competed against each other and had lots of fun! In Visual Art, students explored Ancient Egyptian artwork. Lower Elementary created unique royal cats, and Upper Elementary created symmetrical scarabs. In Music, Upper Elementary students have continued to develop their class composition focusing now on individual verses while learning about melody contours. Lower Elementary worked on their rhythm skills with activities focusing on sixteenth notes. In Dramatic Arts, students have been practicing voice development such as:  projection, articulation and breath control. They are also developing cognitive and practical tools for creative conceptualization.  In PE, students practiced all 10 core elements of basketball. 

Ran Ran celebrated her birthday with the class by doing the walk around the sun. She also shared some lovely pictures and stories of her life with us.

We had our first Coffee Hour last Friday and had a wonderful time introducing parents to Dramatic Arts with an icebreaker activity and the activities that have been going on in Elementary.  

In Chinese, Lower Elementary students have continued with their new lessons from textbooks. Upper Elementary students have been working on the life cycle of a frog, the life cycle of a seahorse and a research about geographical knowledge of China.

In Thai, Lower Elementary students are working on vocabulary with single, diphthong, final consonants, blend and also practice composing sentences from the given words. Upper Elementary students are working on comprehension reading, Thai literature called ‘Phra A-pai Manee, idioms and punctuation.

Elementary Monthly Photos

Secondary September 2020

Welcome to Secondary

The students had an exciting month with various activities in their academic disciplines. 

In Humanities we are continuing with Ancient History. We are currently exploring Classical Civilizations, focusing on the concepts of significance and legacy. Students have been working on their research – and collaboration skills during in-class tasks and are now working on a project where they get to choose their own significant individual linked to various other disciplines. During our learning experiences, we branched out into some politics and philosophy. This has led to some interesting discussions, which will be further explored in future seminar sessions.

Our history topic is linked to language in exploring root words from Greek and Latin that are still used today.  In English, we are working on completing our fantasy short stories, while learning and practicing literary devices and writing conventions. 

In Science, we have been learning how to use various water quality measurement devices in preparation for our field trip to Bang Krachao to put our theory into practice. This is where students will make connections and see the benefits of studies in the real world. We have also been researching various water types, water contamination, and human activities that affect water quality.

In Maths, students have been employing Montessori methods to solve algebra and geometry problems. It has allowed them to realise why certain operations in Maths are necessary and make connections.

In ICT, students have been learning about the latest advances in technology. Then they chose a topic that interests them and have been researching more on it in preparation for presentation to the whole class.

In the Innovation Lab time, we have spent a lot of time with tool use and especially safety which has to come first. Now students have begun the design process initially with just freehand sketches in 2D and 3D. They are finding it challenging, but they can do it!

For Microeconomy students started with an introduction to the study of soil management and compost related to the eco garden they are designing, explored various different herbs and plants. They also had a trip to Tuchang Plant Market to explore the different plants available in Thailand. They each purchased plants and herbs that they now take care of. For Culinary arts the students sold health fruit smoothies to the teachers and started their cuisine presentations on the research they did on their selected countries. Fundamental skills development has started and students are introduced to kitchen hygiene, regulations and cooking skills to enhance their abilities and confidence within a kitchen environment. 

In Visual Arts students have continued to explore the element of value and started to explore how themes are connected and represented in an artwork in preparation for their final term project.

In Music students have been carefully rehearsing their chosen modern band piece each on their own unique instruments emphasizing the role each bandmate plays as a collective ensemble. Students have also uploaded their first loop based composition online and are transferring those skills to their final term themed project.

In PE students worked on all 10 core elements of Basketball:  passing, receiving, dribbling, running, jumping and shooting, basketball position, pivoting, jumps stops and defensive footwork.  Rules were applied increasingly and then more strictly such as double dribble, traveling and fouling.  Fun games are used to coach the Basketball curriculum.  These skills are then used to play initially 3v3 matches before moving to 5v5.

Students continue to receive customized lessons and projects for Chinese and Thai.

Secondary Monthly Photos

Toddler September 2020

Welcome to Toddler

During the month of September, we welcomed Sean, Tina and Jay to our class who are the younger siblings of current Casa and Elementary students. It was heartwarming to occasionally see the elder child care for the younger brother / sister, walking hand-in-hand past the drop off gate and giving comfort as mom and dad wave goodbye. All of the Toddlers have since settled in well and are now beginning to explore and engage more independently in the classroom.

It was an exciting month with the traditional Wai Kru ceremony, a Thai ritual where students make flower bouquets and then present it to their teachers to express their gratitude and respect. The Toddlers enjoyed bringing flowers from home and partaking in the making of bouquets for this event. Thank-you Dario and Arianna for being our class representatives! This month, we also celebrated Tina’s 2nd birthday and experienced our 1st school fire drill.

Toddler Monthly Photos

Casa September 2020

Welcome to Casa

Our communities have settled back nicely into a healthy routine. Students are getting a lot of new lessons as they continue to practice with materials they are familiar with.  Students enjoy being with their friends and making new friends in their classrooms.

We celebrated several birthdays in September:  Charn, Summer and Naiel from Casa Sunflower and Autumn, Naana and Oscar from Casa Lotus.  In the birthday celebration, the birthday student held the earth and walked around the sun as the community sang and shared tasty snacks after lunch.

The children also celebrated Wai Kru this month by making flower bouquets and presenting them to their teachers. It was a memorable event.

MABIS held a practice fire drill on 23rd September and children were able to practice the techniques of being in a fire drill, safety procedure as well as listening to directions given to them in such situations. 

In art, the children learned about the artist Paul Klee who loved children’s art and used it to inspire his own works.  He was an abstract artist and liked to use warm, cool and neutral colors.  The children used crayons and color pencils to experience and expressed themselves through the various designs of Paul Klee.

We will be starting a new project in art come October. The artist Victor Vasararely was interested in Op Art.  Op Art and the technique of collage, which is cutting and pasting, to make beautiful designs will be introduced to the children.

In Chinese, the communities learned the days of the week and sang the weather song.  Younger children were introduced to the daily routine of work, in Chinese, with Laoshi.  Older children continued to work on character recognition and story composition.

For Thai, younger children worked on vocabulary cards such as animals, fruits and food. They listened to stories and sang songs. The rest of the children worked on consonants and vowels identification. The continuation of story writing and reading using movable alphabets continues for the rest.

Mr. Simon, our music director, taught the children the difference between steady beats and words rhythms as well as discerning between high and low pitches through a variety of action songs, games and instrument playing activities. Through this method, children will develop a stronger internal rhythm and a more acute listening ear

Children thoroughly enjoy and look forward to their sessions with Ms. Heidi and Ms. Natasha. They sing, read and do dramatic expressions. The children are experiencing basic articulation without realizing this through various voice exercises. 

To further aid with the children’s reading development in the English language, we are sharing  the link below of the A-Z readers. These books are also available in the library and can be borrowed.  There is an audio function that the children can listen to which helps with pronunciation.  

For the A-Z online reading platform, please use the link below to access the page.


For students they will enter the following to find the correct class:

Casa Classroom: cclassroom1

Then choose their names and enter their passwords (passwords should be the same as their usernames, ex Username: Peach, Password: Peach)

Just a gentle note on a few housekeeping issues.  

  • Please be reminded to put several spare masks and a set of clothes in your child’s backpack.  It will be helpful if the spare clothes are MABIS school uniforms. In the event your child needs a change, they will not be too noticeable in their home clothes. 
  • Shoes should be child friendly and allow for the child to independently manage themselves. If your child knows how to tie the bow frame, it will be great to have shoes with laces!

As always, do reach out to us if you have questions or need further clarification.

We are more than happy to speak with you via email or in person.

We wish you a great and productive month of October!



Casa Team

Ms. Helen, Ms. Lee, Yun Laoshi, Kru Aew, P. Mai

Ms. Eyen, Lin Lasohi, Kru Tawan, P. Film.

Casa Monthly Photos

Elementary August 2020

Welcome to Elementary

Students and teachers are very excited to be back at school. We kicked off the new school year with the Story of the Universe and the Coming of Life. Students have been inspired to do many science experiments and are starting their first research projects.  We are also doing lots of math, language, geography and science works. We celebrated Tina’s birthday with a walk around the sun and some fabulous treats that she brought to share with her classmates.

In ICT, students are learning essential tools such as the Google suite and Microsoft Office to enable them to use technology productively.  In Music, students began writing their own composition as a class, collectively suggesting their own topics while learning about song structure and form.  In Art, everyone customized the cover of their art journal and started working on their own artwork inspired by ancient cave art.  In PE, students warmed up to the new academic year with agility, balance and coordination exercises in a fun and team play environment.

Elementary Monthly Photos

Toddler August 2020

Welcome to Toddler

We’re off to a good start to the new school year! The Toddlers seemed excited to return to their familiar blue classroom and see their friends after a long break. Likewise, the teachers were amazed to see how much the children have changed over the summer and were pleased how quickly they got back into our class routine, including wearing a mask and frequent hand washings. After a few days in the Toddler class, the rising Casa kids began visits to their respective classrooms. Most of the students have transitioned and are now settling into the Casa community.

This month, we welcomed new students to the Toddler class: Arianna, Dawin, Lawin and Cheesecake with more to join in the coming weeks. In class, the children enjoyed sharing family photos and reading stories such as, Llama Llama Misses Mama to help ease separation concerns as they learn to follow our class rules and routines. So far, all is going smoothly and the children (and parents) are adjusting well to school life.

Toddler Monthly Photos

Secondary August 2020

Welcome to Secondary

We are delighted to be starting our new Secondary program at MABIS. We are very excited about all the new resources and possibilities for learning that are in place, and the students are surely enjoying it too!

We kicked off the semester with a field trip for the students get to know their teachers, while at the same time exploring the city and helping to supplement the library. The destination was Kinokuniya Book Store at Siam Paragon. Students had to make use of different city train lines to get there and back. They bought their own tickets and had to make decisions about which directions to go, based on available route maps and information. Apart from buying some new books for Humanities, each student got to buy one book of their choosing to contribute. It was an interesting and fun way to start off the academic year.

In ICT, we have brand new state of the art computers, as well as graphics tablets, iPad’s, and robots. Our students will learn about coding, engineering design, audio and video editing, graphics manipulation, and so much more. Our goal is to equip our students with a solid foundation in computing allowing them the ability to solve any challenge in a variety of creative ways.

In the Innovation Lab, we have made significant steps in creating an outstanding course. We have a fully equipped tool shop with brand new tools to help turn our students into builders! Our tools include a 3D printer, electric planer, jigsaw, sander, and fine cutter. We are also equipped with full-sized engineering drawing boards to teach our students the ins and outs of design and materials before they begin the build process. On order, we have a laser cutter so that
our students can learn about materials and precision engineering.

In Math, we have begun Algebra and Geometry. They are huge subjects requiring step-by-step processes which incorporate the Montessori way of teaching Math.

We have a fully equipped Science lab ready to allow our students to immerse themselves in the curiosity that is science. This semester, we focus on water resources and water quality measurement culminating in a field trip to put into practice what we have learnt. Students will make connections with pollution and realize the importance of safe drinking water.

For their Humanities course, we are starting off with Ancient Civilizations, with a focus on the concept of scientific innovation and the overall water theme. This topic also ties in nicely with our English lessons where we are exploring myths and legends. Students will practice their creative writing skills this term with a Fantasy Writing Project and get to apply their existing historical knowledge to their own new inquiries.

Our students have the exciting opportunity to do Culinary Arts and we are looking forward to using our brand-new kitchen. They have started with some necessary theory about kitchen safety and exploring the garden with plans for development, and will soon get down to business in the kitchen (actual business – this is where their Microeconomy studies will come in and be put into practice). Combining both subjects, students will have the opportunity to learn and explore, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Tourism, Agriculture, and the fundamentals of Culinary Arts.

Secondary student performance work has been on learning modern band arrangements of the songs “Uptown Funk” and “Closer” on guitar, drums, keyboards, and Bass. For their Musical project, students have been using GarageBand to arrange various Musical loops into an original song that will be published onto SoundCloud. In Visual Arts, students are exploring how to create value in an artwork using pencil and watercolors.

Thai and Chinese studies remain an important part of the course, with daily one-on-one language lessons. Language teachers are currently working on solidifying their language skills, working towards future projects. We are very pleased to be opening such an engaging environment on the Secondary floor and look forward to bringing the joy of learning to our students.

Secondary Monthly Photos

Casa August 2020

Welcome to Casa

We are delighted to see everyone back and are welcoming new children into our casa
communities. We had a handful of toddlers transitioning to their new environment and
they are settling in slowly but nicely.

Children are simply happy to be back in a purposeful routine and we continue to guide
them through this process.

We feel that open communication between the parent, student and teacher leads to the
right learning environment, promotes the right atmosphere as well as creating a healthy
education climate. Hence, we encourage parents reach out to your lead teachers by
setting up appointments via emails.

We are looking forward to working with you and your child this coming semester!
Attached are some photos of your child in their environment, engaged in meaningful

Casa Monthly Photos

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