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Application Process

MABIS accepts students into the Toddler and Casa programs on a rolling basis.  Students may join the school at any time during the academic year subject to space availability.

MABIS accepts students into the Elementary program only at the beginning of the first or second semesters.

The Admission process involves the following:

Step 1:  Parents request for a school visit.

Step 2:  Parents take the initial school visit.

Step 3:  Parents submit Application Form and Application Fee.

Step 4:  School reviews the application form.

Step 5: Students are invited for an assessment interview.

Step 6:  Casa / Elementary student candidates may be invited for an in-class trial. Toddler student candidates do not have in-class trials.

Step 7:  School informs parents within 1 week after assessment interview and in-class trial whether the child is accepted into the program.

Step 8:  Parents pay Entrance Fee within 1 week to secure a seat.

For Toddlers, the first two days of school is 2 hours, followed by a half day on the third day.  For Casa and Elementary programs, students attend the full day program from the first date of entry.

Please contact the school to schedule a visit.