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Latex Mask ceremony to celebrate the glory of the city on the martial Latex Mask arts test.Ye Han, Lin Yaner, and even Yang Qi, who had entered the top fifteen, had enjoyed the worship Latex Mask of the heroes.However, the shadows of the monsters that may come at any time made Latex Mask the audience somewhat incomprehensible.The next day, early morning. Ye Han woke up from his sleep and slowly opened his eyes.He exhaled a deep Latex Mask breath, and vaguely felt that his head was swelled Latex Mask after being filled with a lot of Latex Mask wine last night.He sat up in bed and ran up the Emperor. After a few weeks, he dispelled all the discomfort.When he opened his eyes again, he just saw Yang Qi rushing in from Latex Mask the outside of the room.Wow, scorpion, you are too powerful. When Yang Qi came in, he shouted at Ye Han with excitement.What s too great, Ye Han asked, confused. Huhhu Yang Qi repeatedly breathed a few breaths, calmed down the breath, and then continued to excite, said, What you said last night turned out to be true, those monsters really did not come to attack our west Oh, Ye Han brows a pick.It s

hard that they went to attack the east of the city last night.Yes, Yang Qi haha laughed. The battle last night was quite fierce.Another industry of the wind h. ome was completely destroyed, and because that industry relied on the west of the city, they could not stand the monster.The attack, other people in the east of the Latex Mask city were also entangled in sports stars face masks other monsters, what happens if you use face masks too often and finally asked us to support the city to fight back.The more he said, the more excited he was, the more red on his face You didn t see it.The face they just had was stinking and smelly. Haha, I can t tell how they laughed in the future.I really want to ask you to food with cute faces look at their faces, but your home is n95 masks amaxon too far from the battlefield, and Mo Lao said Latex Mask that don t bother you, so I dust mask yellow didn t come over.Ye Han feels a little speechless. Obviously, this situation is also specially Latex Mask arranged by Chen Feng, and after such a thing Latex Mask happened, the major families on the east side Latex Mask of the city, especially the wind home.After thinking about Latex Mask it, Ye Han then asked The monsters are now retiring, Latex Mask o

Latex Mask

r how Originally, he was just asking at random, because in the situation that Chen Feng told him, the batch of monsters that it had assembled was very good, and the strength of the city could be prevented, but even if it was exhausted The whole force may not be able to leave the other party, even if there are Fang Shijie and Jiang Hong, they are the same.However, Yang Qi s answer surprised him. Just listen.to Latex Mask Yang Qi They are Latex Mask mostly killed. What Ye Hanyu raised his eyes, What you said is true of course But, the city of Bishan has such a powerful strength.Upon hearing this, Yang Qi suddenly wondered and asked You didn t go to see the battle yesterday.How Latex Mask do you know that the strength of our tourmaline city can t eliminate those monsters Ye Han was not good, and he didn t Latex Mask expect to accidentally reveal his feet.However, before he explained anything, Yang Qi himself suddenly Latex Mask said Oh, yes, you said yesterday that you went out to explore the city.Ye Han quickly followed his words and said Yes, although I didn t play against those monsters

yesterday, I surgical tube walmart have probably learned about their strength from the clues left by them.Yang Qi finally no longer doubts what, and explained What you guessed is correct.With the what respirator for cutting concret strength of our tourmaline city, it is no problem to Latex Mask want to block those monsters, but it is not easy to keep middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus group them.The original thing is development. To the back of the monsters to escape, we thought it could improper use of dust mask not stop, Latex Mask but at the last minute, there was a group of very scary people.A group of people Ye Han brow wrinkled, Latex Mask Is it true that the city owner invited the reinforcements of respirator fallout mask other cities However, he thought about it, and it seems that even other cities in the vicinity can Latex Mask re.ceive the distress signal, and no city can rush to Latex Mask rescue in such a short period of time.Sure enough, Yang Qi quickly shook his head and said No.Hey, this time we are also lucky, because when those monsters are going to Latex Mask retreat, they are ready to pick us up to the side of the Cangshengguan.The army troops from Cangshengguan Latex Mask Ye Hanwen said that his heart suddenly wavered again.It s not th