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Diy Face Masks nce the name of the task publisher.Unless they accept the task, they will be able to know the Diy Face Masks identity of the employer.Most Diy Face Masks of them can only guess at this moment. However, those who are concerned about Ye Han s entry into the hunter s guild, from the task content on this list, and some recent events related to the thirteen princes, quickly inferred some clues Soon, some people analyzed that the publishers of these tasks should be the Lin Biao they just watched.This 13 year old prince is ready to hire people to go to the Devil s Mountains Diy Face Masks to save the blood eagle team.The shot is actually a reward of 3 million points. The handwriting is not small.Among the crowd, Diy Face Masks a follower of Ye Dan analyzed the leaves.The purpose of the cold. He quickly took out the message and said, I Diy Face Masks have to call the Seventh Emperor s Highness to communicate.The 235th chapter Within the sorcerer s guild, the crowd is constantly talking about Diy Face Masks the special tasks that Diy Face Masks suddenly appear.At the same time, there are many people who are talking about the many ominous legends of the Devil Mountains.Many people think that the person who issued this task must be teasing everyone.After all, h

e wants n95 rmask to hire a job that is not low, and the team that can meet his condition.s is basically in Diy Face Masks this eternal life. I don t know the dangers of the Devil Mountains.If those newcomers who have just arrived recently may not know the situation of the Devil s Mountains, they will be impressed by this huge reward.But the question is how many of the newcomers can have the average rank of seven or more.However, seeing this situation, Ye Han was not in a Diy Face Masks hurry, so he sipped tea in the VIP 3m smog mask n95 room.He believes that there must be brave men under the reward, and the people needed for the devil s mountain trip must also be brave.Otherwise, don t Diy Face Masks say 3m gas mask filters 7162 help Diy Face Masks after going, maybe it will delay.Finally, after a lot of chaos, many people who were not in the hall Diy Face Masks of the hunter s guild also papper respirator heard the news.A burly strong man came to the counter first, and Shen Sheng said to the reception behind the counter We have to take the task of escorting to the Devil s Mountains.It is said Diy Face Masks that many people who are still hesitant in the field suddenly feel refreshed.Hey, this is not a good guy, but face masks brands he didn t expect Diy Face Masks it to be his first shot.Weird, Fang Yong has been mixing in Cangsheng f

Diy Face Masks

or ten years.Even when he still had a brother, he Diy Face Masks fell to the Devil Mountains.How could he pick up this mission This is a bit strange, I heard that he has been Diy Face Masks eager Diy Face Masks to break through recently and needs a lot of hard work to buy the drug.It turned out to be There was. a burst of arguments behind him, Diy Face Masks and the burly man, Fang Yong, did not hear it at all, but stared at the receptionist.The receptionist smiled and said very politely Hello, please show your hunter badge.Fang Yong took out his badge as a team captain. This badge can also represent all the brothers under his team.The Hunting Warrior Association can use their badges to find out their team information and find out if they are qualified to take over the task.What surprised Fang Yong was that after the receptionist verified it, he said to him Hello, your registration has been accepted, but if you Diy Face Masks can really get the qualification, please Diy Face Masks take your team and wait for the employer again.Test. Although Fang Yong was somewhat Diy Face Masks unhappy about his strength, he was questioned, but he thought about what he was waiting for now, and he did not say much, left the front desk and waited on the sidelines.Not

long after, there was a well known team coming to pick up the Diy Face Masks task.The headed person was a young Diy Face Masks man who seemed to 3m particulate respirator 8211 n95 napa auto parts be Diy Face Masks only twenty years old but with a gray hair.Wang Bing, you actually came. After he quickly finished the formalities, he also went to Diy Face Masks wait.Fang Yong came medela accessories kit straight up and 3m mask for dust expressed an accident to Diy Face Masks him.Weird, this guy seems to have just broken through. So you actually came.Pick up this task The young man Wang Bing glanced at him faintly and s.aid I heard that this Diy Face Masks employer went to respirator helmet the Devil Mountains to rescue the Blood 3m respirator how to fit Eagle Battle Camp.In a word, many people on the scene understood it. As everyone knows, the Blood Eagle Battle Camp once saved this Wang Bing team once.He is Diy Face Masks able to go to the Devil s Mountains to repay this time, and he can still get a huge amount of combat power.Why not After the two teams accepted the task, no one else continued to act and waited silently.After a while, Fang Yong Diy Face Masks and Wang Bing were called to